It has always been fun to add a bit of bling to our custom builds. Custom Fly Rod Crafters has just added a couple of metallic threads to our lineup. They are the Fuji brand so you know they are top quality. Adding a bit of metallic accent trims to the rod makes it a cut above just the plain wrapping scheme. Putting an accent on the butt section near the hook keeper and at the ferrule wraps also makes it easier to see the ferrules when taking your rod apart.

We have a couple of Fuji choices in the metallic thread, a Prism Metallic and a Ultra Poly Metallic. Very affordable and easy to use. All are size A and 100 meters per spool. The Ultra Poly Metallic threads are the normal but very vibrant metallic colors with 14 choices whereas the Prism Metallic threads are a bit more daring and have 5 color choices. Try them, I think you’ll like them.

Fuji Prism Metallic
Fuji Ultra Poly Metallic


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