Although they are very affordable and easy to use, the grit type reamers were a pain. The bits of grit would come off and if you didn’t use pressured air of some sort to blow out the bits of grit, they would scratch your blank when you are trying to size the reamed grip. Saying good bye to the old grit reamers is not really that sad, so welcome to the new affordable CRB Tape Reamers. These tape reamers are very similar to the extreme reamer but without the handle assembly.

The tape reamers are fiberglass shafts with reamer tape glued on the shaft in a spiral configuration to help remove the cork bits when expanding the hole in your grip. We have been using tape reamers for many years and with a bit of care they will last a very long time. After use each time, we blow the excess cork bits and glue with high pressure air and a stiff brush to remove and clean the reamer. This is a very good practice and just takes a moment to extend the reamer life.

We offer the CRB Tape Reamers in 7 different sizes from .200 to .510 and that should cover just about any grip you need to ream. They can be used with just about every grip material we use, cork, EVA and even the Wynn polymer grips. Hand use only but very effective in removing material.

Very affordable starting at $10.95.

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