We have reached an agreement with Snake Brand Guides to sell the Classic Ring Style Hook Keeper, the Hexagon Winding checks and Super Swiss nickel silver ferrules. We’ve had many inquiries into bamboo specific components and we listened. We are stocking as much as possible as the manufacturer can deliver. If there is something bamboo building specific, just let us know and we’ll try our best.

Snake Brand Classic Ring Style Hook Keeper Hook Keepers, available in Silver Nickel and Black Nickel. A perfect match to Snake Brand guides and tip tops so you are assured of a uniform, classic look.

Snake Brand Hexagonal Winding Check. For Bamboo Rods. These mirror buffed Hex Winding Checks make a nice transition from the hex rod to the cork.
They are available in Nickel Silver in sizes 19- 28.

Snake Brand Super Swiss Nickel Silver Ferrule Set. Set consists of 2 males & 1 female ferrule. Snake Brand hexagon serrated ferrules are precision machined from the finest 18% hard drawn nickel silver tubing. Then carefully soldered to exact standards, painstakingly polished and inspected to create an elegant set of fittings that enhance your ultimate effort

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