Snake Brand ECO Guides

The Snake Brand Company makes the best snake guides in the world bar none. The quality and consistency of the guides is unsurpassed, so it was a bit of a surprise to learn that they are discontinuing the chrome universal guides, in fact all chrome guides. The standard now for Snake Brand is their proprietary ECOating or ECO coating. This coating or plating if you will, has great surface hardness, a low friction coefficient and exhibits superior lubricity. The surface hardness averaged a 64.3 Rockwell hardness and is saltwater proof.

This is a superior alternative to chrome without the caustic problems. The ECO plating process is based on thin nanotechnologies and allows for the elimination of heavy metals, such as chromium and its derivatives, in wastewater and processing as well as in water saving and the reduction of harmful gas emissions.

The ECO guides are now being used with some of the top rod manufacturers because of the increased performance and environmental considerations. The ECO chrome guides color is somewhere between chrome color and platinum color.  The universal guides are consistent in length; they have tapered ends, and the foot is radiused so it fits on a round blank very nicely resulting in easier wrapping.

CFRC is offering the standard wire gauge and a litewire version of the ECO guides.

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