MISTAKE #2: Thread wrapping goofs.

There are too many wrapping mistakes to list here but one of the most common mistakes are ‘Gaps’. Thread gaps occur when you don’t have the right angle during wrapping and you will create gaps or spaces between the thread. Be careful when wrapping to lay each successive thread wrap tight to one another without crossing over the thread itself. When you burnish or tighten the wraps you will find that your thread wrap is not the length you want. As a result of tightening the thread you have decreased the overall length of the wrap.


That brings me to the second most common problem in wrapping is what we call an ‘Overwrap’. The overwrap is where the wrapping thread wraps back over itself and creates a double layer of thread. No big deal unless that giant hump in your wrap is okay. Just be careful when rotating the blank during the wrapping process.

Another wrapping annoyance is improper singeing of the thread. Nylon and silk thread have tiny fibers that need to be singed with an alcohol lamp or some clean flame lighter. If the wraps are not singed then all those little fibers become hard spikes and if that happens, you can always carefully trim off the spikes of thread fiber and varnish or epoxy finish. Although these goofs will not impair the function of the thread wrap they certainly are unsightly.

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