This is a very common question we get about the different types of glues to use when building a rod. There are basically two types of epoxy adhesive; fast set and slow set. We use the fast set or 5-Min Epoxy for assembly work such as gluing on tip tops, cork handles, reel seats, etc. We use a slow set glue like Flex Coat’s Rod Building Epoxy when we need more bonding strength in our assembly when gluing ferrules or blank repairs or adding spigots to fiberglass blanks. The Rod Building Epoxy has a pot life of about 20 minutes or so and cures in about 2 hours, but I typically like to let the glue set overnight.

Although there are many brands of epoxy adhesive out there, we only use the glues that have been tested over the years and are familiar with their characteristics for rod building. When you have an emergency repair any 2 part epoxy will work that you can buy from your local hardware store. When traveling, I like to take a couple of packets of Hardman Epoxy Glue, sets up in about 3 minutes, for those times when things need to be re-attached. The packets are pre-measured and will stick to just about anything.

CAUTION! Do not confuse epoxy adhesive with epoxy rod finish! Two different types of 2 part epoxies, as the rod finish epoxy is more sensitive to equal amounts when mixing, whereas the epoxy glue is not as critical, but you still need to mix thoroughly.

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