Agate Stripping Guides

What is Agate? The term agate may generally be used to describe any form of chalcedony that is translucent (light will pass through it). Sometimes dark or different colored bands will appear in the agate stone; these are natural lines and are called Banded Chalcedony’. Please note that these lines/bands are natural and do not indicate cracks in the agate inserts.

There is some discussion that agate stripping guides are not durable or are suseptible to cracking; this is not the case. Agate is very hard and durable and is 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (1-10) similar to quartz hardness. Remember grandpa’s old bamboo rod that had small agate stripping guides and they were not broken? So the bottom line is pick one you really like and make your custom build very special.

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