CRB Epoxy Bottle Warmer

If you’re like most rod builders, you are working in a shop or garage or somewhere there is no central heating or because your wife decided she wanted the dining room table back for the holidays.

Using space heaters to warm the shop is okay but your rod finish or glue need a little extra help in the warming department. The CRB epoxy bottle warmer is a great addition to any rod builder needing to keep the epoxy from stiffening from the cold. Keeping the 2 part finish and glues to an appropriate viscosity so they can easily be mixed and flow properly.

This unit will accommodate up to 32oz kits, and the included basket allows the warmer to be used with smaller sizes as well. Just add 2-4 cups of water to the warmer depending on the size of your epoxy bottles and within 15-20 minutes your 2 parts will be ready to use.

This is an invaluable addition to your custom rod building tools and equipment.

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