Epoxy Brush Cleaner Revisited.

The Flex Coat Epoxy Brush Cleaner is the best brush cleaner for epoxies and even varnishes. It doesn’t matter what kind of brush you have, this stuff will extend the life of your brush by at least 10 times. And we recommend that you pore a small portion into a small container as not to contaminate the entire bottle of cleaner. In fact we use a two stage system; we first use the initial small jar of cleaner to clean the brush and then into the second small jar to finish the cleaning. First, wipe off as much of the epoxy as you can before using the cleaner; and after the final cleaning, wipe the brush bristles so they dry nice and flat.  When cleaning your brush try to avoid jamming the bristles into the bottom of the jar, simply swish the brush around several times to insure that your are getting the cleaner into all the bristles.

Here is our video showing the steps in cleaning:

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