We have added the new Steffen 6pc blank for a 9’0″ 5wt. Without compromising any action or smoothness in the cast, the Steffen Bros. company has produced still one of the best casting blanks available in the medium action series.

Read from the company: “The 9’ 5wt, is the classic all-rounder, it excels with dries on medium to large rivers but has the versatility to throw a small streamer or nymph rig when you need. Super smooth and deceptively powerful a proper progressive action with fast recovery, this is a rod that can deal with bigger fish while retaining enough sensitivity to make any fish fun. A medium river all-rounder, that makes for a rather special, larger water dry fly rod. The unique 6pc configuration means this rod can be taken anywhere, ideal for hiding away in the trunk so you can escape for some sanity on the family holiday, or perhaps tucked in the backpack while hiking, just in case you stumble across that hidden gem where memories are made.”

All Steffen blanks now come with a factory rod sock.

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