Reel Seat Parts Layout

Many reel seat problems arise from not checking the proper orientation of the parts before glueing the seat to the blank. Often the hood (the relief that is either stamped or machined in the sliding band) that fits over the reel foot is backwards and won’t fit over the reel foot at all. Another typical reel seat problem is not having the delrin ring facing against the sliding hood on either a single or double nut seat. Please note that not all reel seats have the delrin ring in the nut, but typically heavier saltwater seats have them in the locking nut to prevent the double locking nuts from coming loose and perhaps seizing together. The first image shows a saltwater reel seat with the backwards hood and the second image shows the delrin ring orientation.


Before glueing your parts together always dry fit and double check the parts orientations. Try your reel to make sure it fits the reel seat properly and you have enough room to mount your reel and tighten the locking nuts. If your seat requires an inlet/recess make sure you put that into  your cork grip before glueing it on the blank. The picture below shows what can go wrong when you get in a hurry and forget the inlet/recess.

This particular seat model is an uplocking reel seat that requires a recess in the cork grip.

Take a minute to insure that your seat is setup properly and will function as designed before mounting on your blank.

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