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Sage X blanks are being discontinued but only the single hand blanks. The Switch and Spey X models are still active and will be until sometime in 2023. Here is the information posted by our Sage representative:

“We will be introducing a new rod family that will replace the X but we can’t share any specifics at this time since this information is very sensitive and we can’t risk it being leaked out prior to the official launch but here are some key points we can share from our meeting.

  • While we can’t share the name of the new rod it’s cosmetically stunning, it’s an incredible casting rod and will be an amazing fishing tool. The difference between the new rod and the X is more noticeable and significant than the X was over the One and all three of us were very impressed after casting all models.
  • Sage will have a booth at IFTD (3/30 – 4/1) and the rod will be available to view, cast, etc.
  • We will be in touch about coming to see you to show and cast the new rods with you and your staff in the near future and we will make every effort to see you prior to the 4/5 launch date.
  • The rod will go live and will be available to sell in store and online on April 5th, you will be available to order them prior, and you will have all assets by March 29th.

That’s all the we can share at this time and we will continue to provide more information as it becomes available to us and when we are allowed to share. In summary, this is a great new rod and we are confident it will be huge success.”

CFRC will try and keep you posted on the new series.

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