How to Extend the Life of your Reamers.

Tapered cork grip reamers are a very important rod building tool. They are some of the overlooked workbench items in regards to taking a bit of extra time to clean and keep them in top condition. Reamers come in several styles and whether you use a grit reamer or a tape reamer they need to be cleaned thoroughly after use. Especially using a grit reamer as the small bits of grit break off when you are using them. Before you try your grip for fit, it is Very Important to blow out the bits so they don’t scratch your blank.

Grit Reamers                             Tape Reamer

You may think it just a bit of cork dust on and you just put it away until next time but what you don’t realize is that when you are reaming bits of the glue that hold the grip together also is on your reamer. The glue will clog the grit and and before your know it, the reamer doesn’t seem to work as well.

After use clean the reamer with a stiff brush to remove all the bits of cork and glue debris and then blow the reamer off with air. If you don’t have a compressor you can get a can of air from local suppliers. Just taking a bit of extra time to care of your tools will extend the life of your reamers.

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