Recess and Inlets, the same thing.

A high majority of reel seats today are uplocking and require a recess or inlet for the reel foot retainer. Putting an inlet in a cork grip can sometimes be difficult for the home rod builder. That’s why here at Custom Fly Rod Crafters we offer several recess/inlet options for our grips; and usually those size options will work for most seats but the problem is that reel seats are not all standard for a particular type of reel seat. They differ from small freshwater seats to large saltwater seats. Our counterboring tools can’t cover all of the different sizes even with our 5 size options for inlets. So to prevent you from having to sand, ream, dremel or whatever your cork, and to prevent the reel seat retainer from being forced into the grip and perhaps splitting the cork, we will make sure that the correct inlet will fit your grip when you purchase both the grip and reel seat from us.

All you have to do is simply make a note when checking out that you want your parts to fit. Done.

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