Are All Trout Reel Seats The Same Size?

What? There is no such thing as a universal reel seat size for any rod length or line weight. Not all 5wt reel seats are the same and the inserts and the metal components do not necessarily interchange with one another. This is a frequent question that we get and we try to provide as much measurements and sizing as possible. Obviously the saltwater seats and the trout ultralight seats don’t even come close to being similar but the confusion is in the 4 to 6wt area. A lot of the seats are similar in style but the reel seat insert, the slip ring or the cork retainer do not interchange. Although some seats such as the Lemke LC1 and the Struble #20 are the same, the insert size for a LC1 does not fit the MRF1 seat or the Alps RA7 seat and does fit the design your own vented seats; the machined parts look very similar but are different sizes such as diameters, lengths, etc.

Confused? Probably so if this is your first time building a rod. That’s where we at Custom Fly Rod Crafters are  different from most of the rod component companies. We have been custom fly rod builders commercially since 1980 and we can answer most of your questions.  It’s a lot easier to call or email us than to guess and either have to return a seat or order another hoping to this time you get it right. By the way, we have made just about every mistake possible in building a custom fly rod over the years, I guess that’s what is called experience.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or you’re not sure about what fits what blank, rod finish, actions, tools, or whatever.

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