Ferrule Plugs for Graphite and Glass Blanks.

These rubber ‘ferrule’ plugs are used for creating a moisture/dirt seal in the male ends of the blanks. We offer 3 sizes to fit almost every fly rod blank. Not every blank maker seals the ends of the sections, so you will need to check to make sure a ferrule plug is needed.

Whether you decide that plugging a blank is right for you and you think that it doesn’t matter, or that you’ve heard all sorts of things about blank wall thickness integrity or moisture prevention. Me, I think it does all of those things plus it gives my rods a finished look. It’s one of those details that I make sure we do on our custom builds.

We typically will use these ferrule plugs (dense rubber) on our custom builds when needed as all blanks do not come plugged. We offer a single pack of 5 plugs (2 small, 2 medium and 1 large) or large quantities starting at $3.99.

Here are the simple steps :

First, make sure the inside of the ferrule is clean (we use a Q-tip with lacquer thinner as this removes the waxy residue left from the blank manufacturer).


Dry fit the rubber ferrule plug for correct size and then glue in with a 2 part epoxy adhesive.



After letting the epoxy dry, use a razor blade to slice through the rubber ferrule plug.


You can sand the end of the ferrule plug with a Scotch-Brite pad or similar to smooth the edges.


Save your cut pieces for future use. And there you are; a simple, clean way to install your ferrule plugs.

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