We have new upgrades to two very popular tools for rod building from CRB PRO. The guide and reel seat alignment tool and the blank extender tool. Now available in a blue anodized aluminum upgraded from the plastic ABS tools. Designed for the professional rod builder and both upgrades are in sets of two tools. The sets are sized for freshwater and saltwater builds and are a must of any serious rod builder. Each tool set comes in a wooden storage box.

CRB Pro Blank Extender Tool Set

This CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set is a must have for any rod builder who works on multi-piece rods because it solves the most common problems.

For example, ferrule wraps used to be a pain, but not with the CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool. All you need to do is insert the tool into the rod segment you are working on, set it in your wrapping stand, and use it as a sturdy wrapping aid for perfect ferrule wraps every time.

Need an easy and clean way to apply epoxy right to the ends of your ferrule wraps? No problem! The CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool fits perfectly in any of the CRB RDS Drying systems, making it simple to dry individual sections of a multi-piece rod.

The CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set comes with two tools that feature a tapered design to easily accommodate any rod blanks with an inside diameter ranging from .100” to .545”.

  • Overall Length 8.5″
  • Tool 1 Taper OD .100″ – .367″
  • Tool 2 Taper OD .342″ – .545″

CRB PRO Guide and Reel Seat Alignment Tool Set

  • A simple but effective tool takes the guesswork out of reel seat mounting.
  • Its bead sight allows builders to align their seats easily and accurately with their guides and spine marks during the handle construction process.
  • The mounting foot profile is based off industry standard reel size.

This two-piece set gives builders the range they need to properly fit reel seats off all sizes, from Ultra-Light to Offshore. The mounting foot profile is based off industry standard reel size. The small tool fits seat sizes 16 and 17 while the large tool fits seat sizes 18 and up. In addition, the bead sight allows builders to align their guides and reel seats easily and accurately along the spine marks during the entire building process.

Easy to use and built for life, you won’t regret adding these cool new rod building tools to your workbench!

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