August fly fishing in Alaska

Fly fishing in Alaska can be super rewarding or a slap in the face. In my case today, I was slapped around a bit as the stream was full of salmon and not many rainbows, chars or dolly vardens. Got a couple of good hookups but the largest rainbow jumped once and then went under a log where he and the fly now live. A few more fish in the smaller range but it was difficult keeping them on the fly with the river moving at a pretty good pace and the as you will see in the picture plenty of snags and hidey places. The water was superb and the sky opened a bit today and let me fish without the rain. Been raining for the past couple of days and everything is wet, I mean really wet. The picture below is Quartz Creek that flows into the Kenai Lake. The Kenai and Russian river areas were jammed with salmon fishermen but it seems that not everybody was doing well. Oh well, that’s fishing and not farming as my wife Lee says.





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